How do I change my guest count or switch from Individual to Shared?
To change the number of guests your meeting can accommodate, the number of concurrent meetings associated with the account, or the type of account (either Individual or Shared):
  1. Go to the GatherPlace website and click on My Account.
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. Click on Upgrade or Downgrade Account.
  4. Select the desired options for Plan, Account Type, Number of Accounts, Term, and Number of Guests. Then click Proceed.
  5. Follow the instructions displayed after clicking Proceed, which are as follows:

Please re-validate your account from GP4 and edit your meetings to adjust your voice settings as necessary.

Direct link to upgrade page:

Please note: We do not provide refunds for downgrades. Upgrading your account will result in a change in subscription anniversary billing date. You may also be billed the cost of the upgrade equal to the difference between the monthly rate under your old account settings and your new account settings. Any money you may have already paid into the new billing month will be subtracted.
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