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Operating System: Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Product or Service: GatherPlace, SupportPlace, TutorPlace
Client Software: Java
User Type: Guest
Occasionally when a guest joins a GatherPlace meeting using their web browser and tries to use the computer for the audio (on meetings configured for this option), they will see an empty or blank Voice Options dialog or have no devices available to select in the dialog.
On meetings configured to allow both phone and VoIP access to the audio portion of the meeting, the guest may see only the telephone numbers to dial into and not see the Use Computer for Voice option section in the Voice Options dialog.

Voice Options dialog with missing audio devices (Mac).
Blank Voice Options dialog (Mac).

This is a know issue for guests using a Macintosh computer running the Snow Leopard operating system (OS 10.6) and joining a meeting using a Safari or Chrome web browser (64-bit).
We are working on a solution for the 64-bit browsers but in the interim, there are several options available for the guests as listed below.

If the guest is using a computer with a different operating system, such as Leopard (OS 10.5) or Tiger (OS 10.4) on a Mac, or any version of Windows, they may experience the same issue if a component fails to load when they join the meeting. For these cases, exiting/quitting the browser, re-opening the browser and joining the meeting again will generally correct the issue.

Use the Telephone if the Meeting is Configured for telephone access.
If the meeting is configured for the guests can simply dial into the meeting using a telephone.
If they don't have access to a phone or using a phone isn't possible, please see the remaining solutions below.

Use the Firefox Web Browser
Guests can use the Firefox web browser to join the meeting and use the computer for the audio portion of the meeting.
Firefox can be downloaded for free here:

Configure Safari to Run in 32-bit Mode
Please see this article for setting Safari to 32-bit mode.

Download the Free Guest Version of GatherPlace to Join the Meeting
The free version of the gatherPlace software can be downloaded here.

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