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Note: Many schools assign the display name for their students and it cannot be changed without going through the school. For those schools you will need to contact the school to see if they can change it for you.

If you are taking classes at different schools where some names are assigned and enforced using the auto-configuration and account validation method, and some allow you to set the name yourself, please see this article that shows how to set up different profiles in GP4/5 for the different schools.

Please follow the instructions below to change your 'Display Name' for classes and schools that do not assign names and require the use of auto-configuration or account validation to set the student credentials.
  1. Open the GP4/5 program.

  2. Open the GP4 Preferences:
    • On Windows, go to the Tools menu and choose Preferences
    • On Mac, go to the gp4/5 menu and choose Preferences

  3. Click the Account Setup tab.

  4. Click Clear Account.

  5. Exit GP4/5:
    • On Windows, go to the File menu and choose Exit
    • On Mac, go to the gp4/5 menu and choose Quit

  6. Open the GP4/5 program.

  7. Open the GP4/5 Preferences.

  8. Click the Account Setup tab.

  9. Type your name into the box next to My Display Name.

  10. Click Apply then OK.

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