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What Our Clients Are Saying

 After trying five or six different meeting softwares and services, we are very pleased with our final choice of We use it for sales, training, demonstrations and even in-office projects. The phone conferencing is easy to use and the web interface delivers a solid connection. It’s simple to run and the price is right! Thanks, GatherPlace for making our lives easier! 
- Michael DePaolo, Founder, Covivitas
 GatherPlace has been a valuable tool for my business. It provides a cost effective means of teaching people software. It is simple to use and quite powerful, especially for such a small investment. 
- John Marquis, JustGreatRadio
 Over the years, we have come to rely on GatherWorks for their expertise, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity in helping us to deliver our classes online. 
- Jeff Gilbert, Director, The Potter’s School
  GatherPlace is a fantastic tool for us; it’s great for software demonstrations and also for delivering one to one skill sharpening sessions over the net. We like it, our customers like it, and our productivity and efficiency are greatly enhanced. The back up support services are fantastic and have never failed us yet. We’ve done a fair amount of research and don’t think there is any other solution available that even comes close to matching the price/performance package that GatherPlace offers. 
- Sean Dukes, Training Manager Pro IV, Taskmanager Software
 Given that all of our customers are in the education market, we have a much larger percentage of clients who are Mac users. Now that we are using GatherPlace our Macs can host sessions without any problem whether they are running on the new Intel Macs or PowerPC. But more our clients have no problem joining a meeting regardless of which platform they choose. We have also been extremely pleased with the speed that the screen refreshes for the client/attendee. 
- Doug Smart, WhippleHill Communications

Features of GatherPlace

Host for Mac OS X
or Windows
Can accommodate hosts on both platforms
Web-based client
for Guests
No need to download and install software
NEW: Region SharingChoose the region of your screen you want to share and/or hide
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