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Live Meeting
GoTo Meeting
Presenter operating systems supportedUse either a PC or Mac for presentingWindows, MacWindows, Mac, LinuxWindowsWindows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
Guest operating systems supportedDo not ask your guests to change their setupWindows, Mac, Linux; Use Sureview for viewing on iPad, iPhone, AndroidWindows, Mac, LinuxWindowsWindows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
No software downloads required for guestsInstant web presentations to guest who can use their favorite operating system and browserYesNoNoNo
Desktop showing and sharingShow or share your desktop to many people over the InternetYesYesYesYes
Region showing and sharingRetain privacy of your screen and share only the regions you wantYesNoNoNo
Slow participants do not impact experience of othersConsistent performance allows you to focus on the presentationYesYesYesYes
Set up meetings in advanceOrganize future meetings and send an email invitation in advance of the meetingYesYesYesYes
Basic voice teleconferencing (dial-in support)Combined solution for voice and presentations simplifies meetings and saves moneyYes-FREEYes-ExtraYes-ExtraYes-FREE
Integrated audio via computerVoice and presentation controls in one interface means effortless online meetingsYesYesYesYes
Meeting recordingThe ability to record and play back your recorded meetingsYesYesYesYes-Windows, OSX 10.6 or newer
Adjustable color quality 8, 16-bit & true-colorUse lower quality for better performance when bandwidth is limited and higher quality when it needs to be picture perfect8, 16, & 24-bit16-bit only16-bit only24-bit only
Add a Join Form to your own websiteSend your guests to your own website to join a meeting where you use your own brandingYesNoNoCorporate Edition only
Private branding and integration available (OEMs and ASPs) OEM vendors, ASPs and corporations can quickly add GatherPlace functionality to their own applications or websitesYesYes-ExtraNoYes-Corporate only
Participant ListKnow who is looking at your presentation and disconnect when neededYesYesYesYes
Text ChatInteract with your audienceYesYesYesYes
Usage ReportsMonitor account activityYesYesNoYes-Corporate Edition
Pass presenter capabilities to othersSubject matter experts can co-present or customers can show you one of their applicationsYesYesNoYes
Grant guests remote control of shared applicationsAllow remote control to shared applications only for privacy and securityYesYesNoYes-single window (Windows only)
Lock conferenceNo one else will be able to interrupt your private meetingYesYesNoNo
Trial periodAllows you to try before you buy14 days14 days14 days30 days; requires credit card
Video ConferencingShare video as well as screenNoYesNoYes

Live Meeting
GoTo Meeting
Individual=<5 guests $29/mo or $290/yr
Shared=<100 guests $63/mo
or $630/yr

Individual=<5 guests $43/mo or $430/yr
Shared=<100 guests $94/mo
or $940/yr
<3 guests Free

Premium 8
<8 guests $24/mo or $228/yr

Premium 25
<25 guests $49/mo or $468/yr

Premium 100
<100 guests $89/mo
or $828/yr
<150 guests $42/mo

Professional 500 Edition
<500 guests $89/mo

Professional 1250 Edition
<1250 guests $199/mo
GoTo Meeting
<25 guests $49/mo or $468/yr

GoTo Webinar
<100 guests $99/mo
or $948/yr

GoTo Training
<25 guests $149/mo
or $1428/yr

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GoToMeeting is a trademark of Citrix Online, LLC.
Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft, Inc.
GatherPlace is a registered trademark of GatherWorks, Inc.

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