How do I reactivate my account or convert from a trial to a paid account?
To reactivate a GatherPlace trial account (past or present) or an account that was closed/canceled, follow these steps:

  1. Click the My Account tab on the GatherPlace website at: (you may be asked to login before being directed to the My Account page).

  2. Click the Purchase Service graphic under the Account Management options.

    The My Account page on the GatherPlace website showing an expired trial account.

  3. Select the desired plan from step 1 on the Buy Now page by clicking in the table.

  4. Edit/update any information as needed in step 2 on the Buy Now page.

  5. Click the Proceed to Secure Purchase button and follow the instructions for the secure transaction.

    The Buy Now page on the GatherPlace website.

Please send all billing inquiries to:
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