Are there any hidden costs or other charges?
GatherPlace has no hidden costs or charges beyond the flat fee for the recurring monthly or recurring annual service plan for either the Basic or Premium service.
Accounts can be canceled at any time and there are no fees or charges to cancel and account. Please see the Account Cancellation page for more details.
The only times there can be a variance in the cost is if the optional toll-free service is added to the account or the account is upgraded during the billing cycle.
When toll-free is added to an account, the host is billed an additional $0.10 per minute per caller for each connected call that dials into the toll-free teleconference number during each meeting.

The standard toll numbers can be used at no charge by GatherPlace to either the host or the guests for any account type, provided the meeting is configured to use the GatherPlace teleconferencing services.
However, each participant is responsible for their own long distance charges to their telephone service provider if the teleconference number they dial is considered a toll or long distance call by their service provider.

There is also no additional charge to either the host or the guests* for using the GatherPlace VoIP service.

* VoIP is only available to Premium accounts and the meeting must be configured for the VoIP option.

For more information on GatherPlace pricing and plans, please see our pricing page.
For more information about upgrading to a Premium plan, please see this article.
For more information on configuring a meeting to use the VoIP option, please see this article.
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