How do I set the date and time for my planned meetings?
Unlike other web conferencing solutions, GatherPlace does not require you to set the date and time of your meetings in advance. By skipping the "scheduling" phase, we provide you the peace of mind that your meeting won't be 'cut off' if you run longer than expected and save you the hassle of rescheduling a meeting because of last minute time conflicts.

As the host, you control the meeting start and end time with the click of a button. Simply use the "Start Screen Sharing" button to begin a meeting whenever you want and the "Stop Screen Sharing" button to end a meeting.

No matter whether your meeting is impromptu or a meeting set for some future date and time, you can provide your guests with verbal instructions over the phone or by using our Invite Wizard by clicking the "Invite Others" button.

The Invite Wizard provides you several invitation options for your guests.
We recommend that you use the email option, send it to your own email address and save it as a draft so you can re-use it as often as needed for future meetings.
Once you have the email, add the specifics (date, time, topic, etc.) and use your current address book to add the recipients and send the invite off.
This approach for sending instructions to guests saves you from having to export your contact list to another program or server. Plus, using your own email client is generally easier for most people and prevents your email from getting trapped in SPAM filters that don't recognize you.

For a demo of the invite process using GP4, see this short video.
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