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Product or Service: GatherPlace
Client Software: SureView
User Type: Host, Administrator
SureView is a GatherPlace patent-pending technology that allows guests to join a meeting using a modern web browser.

SureView includes the following features
  • viewing a presentation hosted by GP5
  • Take remote control of the host's computer
  • text chat capabilities to moderators and guests (if allowed)
  • VoIP allows listening to the meeting and participating with a microphone *

* Premium accounts only and meeting must be configured for this option.

SureView VoIPuses WebRTC if available, but falls back to Flash 10.10 if WebRTC is not available.

Browser compatibility test at:

VoIP support with Flash 10.10+
- Google Chrome 11+ (Chrome incognito mode not supported)
- Internet Explorer 10 and greater
- Safari 5 and greater
- Firefox 3.6 and greater with Flash 10.1 or higher installed.

VoIP support with WebRTC:
- Google Chrome (version 28 and above)

If the guest requires the use of advanced features as listed below, they'll need to use GP5 client software.

The advanced features include:
  • Share or present their screen
  • Have the host take remote control the guest's computer (providing the guest with remote support)

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