Knowledge Base » [891679] What is required to for a non-profit organization to receive a discount?
Product or Service: GatherPlace
Client Software: GP5, GP4, GP6
All US recognized non-profit organizations are eligible to receive a 50% discount on the monthly/annual GatherPlace service fees.

In order to receive the 50% discount, the non-profit company must agree to providing GatherPlace at least three "Shout Outs" each month you are subscribed to the service (based on the honor system). A "Shout Out" is a positive mention or referral and can be placed in a variety of forums/formats including:
  • Verbal statement
  • Personal or professional email
  • Printed or electronic newsletter
  • Blog post or link
  • Website post or link
  • Twitter account post or link
  • Facebook post or link
In addition, non-profit organizations must submit:
The forms should be faxed to 603-546-7828 or emailed to

If you signed up for an account before submitting the forms, please email Billing to let us know that the account needs to be adjusted/credited.

An approval requires your agreement to providing at least three "Shout Outs" each month you are subscribed plus proof of the required documentation.

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