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What You Need to Know About Your Pricing Options

The cost of your GatherPlace service depends on the features you need, the number of people who will be using the service, the number of concurrent meetings you will hold (i.e. number of Shared Accounts), and the number of guests you host. The information below will help you choose a package that will meet your needs.

Basic Plan: Offers desktop viewing and sharing; remote control and support; and voice teleconferencing among other features. Click here to see a complete list of features included in the Basic Plan as well as how it compares to the Premium Plan.

Premium Plan: Offers all the features of the Basic Plan plus session recording and advanced teleconferencing features. Click here to see a complete list of features included in the Premium Plan as well as how it compares to the Basic Plan.

*Individual Account: Provides a single login account to one person to host one meeting at a time for an unliited number of times per month. Multiple Individual Accounts may be purchased at the same time.

**Shared Account: Allows you to create an unlimited number of login accounts (sub-accounts) for others in your company to share. The users may host an unlimited number of non-current (only one at a time) meetings per month. You may purchase multiple Shared Accounts to allow concurrent (more than one at a time) meetings per month. The number of Shared Accounts equals the number of meetings you may host at the same time. Shared Accounts can not be offered as part of a package and therefore can not be made available to others outside of your company. If you would like to package GatherPlace services with your own, contact us for OEM pricing.

Number of Accounts: Refers to the number of accounts you purchase. To allow concurrent meetings with the Shared Account option, you must purchase multiple accounts.

Number of Guests: Refers to the number of guests you will be hosting in any given meeting.

Term: You can choose to pay for your GatherPlace services on a monthly or annual basis.

Payment Methods: We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards as well as company checks, electronic transfers, wire transfers, and Paypal. A completed GatherPlace purchase order form is required for all payment methods except credit cards. Download the form here.

Discounts: Non-profit and bulk account discounts are available. Contact us if you have ten or more accounts and would like details about the bulk discount.
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