How many guests can I have in my meetings?
There are two ways to find out how many guests are allowed in a GatherPlace meeting.

To use the GP4 software to find this information, see the first section below.
To use the GatherPlace website to find this information, see the second section below.

  1. Open the GP4 program and click the green Support button.

    GP4 Support button circled

  2. The maximum number of seats in the meeting is displayed at the top of the Support dialog under the Account Details section.
    Note that the host is included in this count so the maximum number of guests will be one less than the total number of seats shown.

    GP4 Account details on Support dialog

  1. To find out the maximum number of guests that are allowed in each meeting, go to the My Account page on the GatherPlace website at (you may be prompted to log in if you are not currently logged in).

    My Account Tab

  2. The type of account and the number of guests allowed in each meeting are shown at the bottom of the My Account page.

    My Account type details circled

  3. This information, along with other account information, can also be viewed by clicking the Account Settings graphic and then the Update Account Information graphic on the Account Options page.

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