Why are options disabled for some guests in the Participant list?
In order to use the advanced features in a GatherPlace meeting, such as remote support or granting control or presentation to a guest, the guest must have Java 1.3 or later installed and enabled in their web browser and also accept the Java security warning when they join your meeting. The guest cannot use SureView to join the meeting to have these features enabled.

  1. To find out which method the guest used to join the meeting, right-click (control-click on a Mac) on their name in the participant list to display the actions menu for that participant.
    The method they used to join the meeting will be listed under their name with an exclamation mark before it in the actions menu as shown below.

    Guest joined using Java 1.3 or greater.

    Guest joined using Java 1.1
    (or did not accept the security certificate warning)

    Guest joined using SureView
    (Unknown Client).

  2. In order to see the capabilities of the guest, select the info/method menu item and an information dialog will open displaying more details about the guest.

    Info dialog for a guest with Java version 1.6 installed.

    Info dialog for a guest that has Java 1.1 installed.
    Note the limited capabilities.

    Info dialog for a SureView guest.
    Note that guest has no advanced capabilities.

  3. If the guest joined using the Java Client and the options that you need are disabled, make sure that they have at least Java 1.3 or greater installed. If the information dialog shows at least Java 1.3, and some of the options are disabled, then the guest did not accept the security certificate warning when they joined (see example below). In that case, they will need to disconnect, then re-connect and accept the warning when prompted.
    Note: In some cases the guest will need to close all of their browser windows and re-open their browser to re-join the meeting to receive the security prompt as some browsers 'cache' the previous results and won't ask again until the browser is restarted.

    Info dialog for guest using Java 1.5
    Limited features available because they did not accept the security certificate upon joining.

  4. If the guest has used SureView to join the meeting, Unknown Client will be listed as the join method. The guest will need to disconnect from the meeting and re-join using Java to enable any of the advanced features. If they do not have Java installed or enabled, they are given several options as they join the meeting (shown below). If the guest will need to share their screen or the host will be providing them with remote support, they must select the second (Show my screen to others) or third (Get remote support) option which will bring them to a page where they can install Java before joining the meeting.

    Guest options when joining a meeting if they do not have Java installed or enabled in their web browser.

  5. If the Allow to Speak option is disabled but the guest has joined the meeting using Java 1.3 or higher and they accepted the security certificate, they may need to click the Add Voice button on the Voice Dialing Options dialog to connect to the voice portion of the meeting. See this article for information on guests using the VoIP option in the meetings.

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