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Product or Service: GatherPlace, StudyPlace, TutorPlace
Client Software: GP4
User Type: Family, Student, Teacher, Admin, Administrator
Listed below is IP address and port information that may needed to configure firewalls, content filters, or virus scanners if you encounter problems associated with the connections between your computer and the servers.

Most installations of GP4 will not require any additional configuration beyond entering and validating the account information for a host, teacher, or student account.

However, from time to time additional steps may be required to allow GP4 to communicate to our servers in order to host sessions or participate in VoIP calls.

These situations occur if you are behind a corporate firewall or have a home firewall, content filter, or virus scanner and receive error messages such as 'Could not connect to web server' or 'Voice features disabled because UDP Traffic appears to be blocked' from GP4. GP4 will typically fail the server test (second Audio Tuning Wizard test) when communication to the servers is blocked.

Please note: GP4 can use different servers so make sure to configure the security software, firewall, content filter, etc with the correct servers for the specific version of GatherPlace that you are using.

We will strive to minimize changes to the addresses listed below, however, infrastructure changes may force us to change them occasionally.

For corporate locations, please contact your IT staff to make the settings.
For home users, please consult the operating manuals, online help, or software manufacturer's support center for help in configuring the firewall, content filter, or virus scanner.
Also check this article on UDP blocking and firewalls or check the See Also section below for articles related to configuring specific firewalls.

NameIP AddressesPortTraffic
Applicable to all versions of GP4
os2.gatherplace.com54.170.76.13380 & 443TCP/IP
os4.gatherplace.com54.253.184.22580 & 443TCP/IP
os7.gatherplace.com54.225.238.17380 & 443TCP/IP
os9.gatherplace.com54.162.108.13680 & 443TCP/IP
For VoIP versions only

*Uses a random port returning, but can be set to a fixed port.
Contact Gatherplace support if fixed ports are required.

Note:If you are using GP5, please click here for a list of IP addresses and port numbers.

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