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The message 'Voice features disabled because UDP Traffic appears to be blocked' or the GP5 log entry "VoIP: Failed Call - Firewall is blocking UDP?" appears when UDP traffic is blocked by a network server, router, modem, or security software such as a firewall, content filter, parental controls, or virus scanner. For example, a Windows Vista/Windows 7 computer with Parental Controls enabled and a user logged in with a 'limited' user account will block UDP traffic.

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is a part of the network protocol suite used for the Internet. Some UDP blocks may not be intentional.
A computer's network stack will tend to give priority to non-UDP type traffic, leaving UDP backed up waiting to be sent.

Note: In some cases exiting or quitting GP5 will correct the problem so try that first before continuing on to the information below.

  • On Windows use the Exit menu item from the File menu to exit GP5, NOT the 'x' in the upper right corner.

  • On a Mac use the Quit gp5 menu item from the gp5 menu to quit, NOT the 'x' in the upper left corner.

  • In other cases, uninstalling GP5 from the computer, re-starting the computer and then re-installing GP5 will force security software to prompt you to 'Allow' or 'Block' the GP5 software when it is run the next time. When it does prompt you, select 'Allow'.

If quitting and re-starting GP5, or re-installing the GP software did not solve the problem, please see the additional information below.
If you are using a corporate computer, or are connecting through a corporate network or a VPN connection, you should contact the IT staff for assistance setting your computer system to allow the GP5 program as well as any associated connections and network traffic that is required by the program.

For a list of network traffic, IP addresses, and port numbers, please see this article.

For all non-corporate users, we have a few articles on some popular firewalls that may help in configuring your software even if your brand or version is not covered in the articles.

Generally, all security software has similar methods which let the users configure what to block and what to allow.
If you have a brand or version not listed here, reviewing one or two articles should give you an idea of where to look in your particular software to unblock the GatherPlace software.

The direct links to the articles we have are listed below in the See Also section will connect you to manufacturers support websites so that you may contact them with questions on configuring their products.

There is also a test available that will help determine if UDP traffic is blocked to your computer. This test link will bring you to a VoIP test (VoIP uses UDP traffic) for your computer. There may also be additional information on where to look for the blockage on the site as well.

If you still have difficulties, consult a local computer expert or computer sales establishment that may be able to help find what is blocking the UDP traffic. The technical repair group of Best Buy, for example, has a mobile and in-house repair team that can assist you. Their contact information is below.
Note: GatherPlace has no affiliation with Best Buy. This reference is provided merely as a convenience.

Important: If you do enlist the help of a local expert or a repair service, make sure that they read this article so they will know what ports, IP addresses, and domains to unblock.

Best Buy
The Geek Squad - Also has a live text chat from this page.
1-800-GEEK SQUAD (1-800-433-5778)

Note: Support Staff cannot provide technical help for security software beyond what is given here. Please refer to the user's guide or the technical support staff of the security software you have installed on your computer for help in configuring their products.

Also see: VoIP test page for checking UDP traffic

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