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Identifying Audio Device Plugs and Computer Ports.
There are two types of audio device plugs used for PC and Macintosh computers.
A mini-plug has one or two small round segmented pins that are plugged into the audio ports of the computer.
A USB (Universal Serial Bus), consists of a single rectangular plug as shown in the table below.

Both types of devices are usually plugged into the ports found on either the front or the back of the computer.

The table below shows examples of the connectors and ports, as well as some of the icons used to identify them.

Device Plug/ConnectorUSBPlug.jpgHeadsetMiniPlugs.jpg
Computer Port(s)usbports2.jpgMiniPorts.jpg
IconsThe standard USB icon looks like USB_icon.gifAnother common Microphone icon is microphone_icon.gif
Common Headphone icons look like headphones_icon.gif with audio_out_icon2.gif on the computer port.
CommentsUSB ports may or may not have the '2.0' designation next to the USB icon as shown above.Typically the microphone input is pink or red while the headphone input is green. Mini-plug connectors and ports also have icons on or near them for identification as well as the pink and green color coding.

DO NOT plug either type of audio device plugs into the blue port or the one marked audio_in_icon2.gif

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