Knowledge Base » [734829] How can I make a guest the presenter?
Product or Service: GatherPlace, TutorPlace
Client Software: Java, GP4
User Type: Host, Administrator
To pass the presentation rights to one of the guests in the meeting, simply click on the name of the guest in the participant list and select Make Presenter from the pop-up menu.

Make Presenter

If the Make Presenter option is disabled (greyed out) then the guest either did not accept the applet security warning when they joined the meeting, the version of Java they are using is lower than version 1.3, Java is not enabled in their browser or they joined the meeting using the SureView viewer. See this article for more information on why some options are not available when clicking on a guest's name.

Guests using a Windows or Macintosh computer can optionally download the free Guest version of the GatherPlace GP4 software to join a meeting which will also allow them to present in the meetings.

The host and guest do not need to be on the same operating system for the guest to become a presenter.

Guests can test their browsers for compatibility to see if they have the correct version of Java installed at the GatherPlace test page located at:

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