How Can I Run GP4 if it is Being Blocked by Norton Firewall?
Note: GatherPlace support cannot provide technical help for firewalls or security software beyond what is provided below as reference.

If the instructions here do not refer to your firewall brand, consult the user guide that came with the software or contact the manufacturer's technical support for help.

Since manufacturers typically use the same menus/names/methods from version to version, these instructions may still be helpful for troubleshooting Norton Internet Security firewall even if it does not refer to the same version that you are using. It will help you find where the 'Allow' or 'White List' is for GP4 so that you can stop it from being blocked.

In many cases, the procedure below can be used to trigger the security software to re-recognize GP4 and allow it.
  1. Remove GP4 by using the Add/Remove control panel on the PC.
  2. Restart the PC.
  3. Download the latest version of GP4.
  4. Open GP4.
  5. Run the Audio Tuning Wizard (if you use the voice enabled version).
  6. Select Allow when prompted by the security software at each stage as necessary.

Configuring Norton Internet Security
  1. Open Norton and click the Norton Internet Security tab.


  2. Click Settings.


  3. Click Personal Firewall.


  4. Click Configure.


  5. Click Program Control.


  6. Locate gp4 in the Program list and click the drop-down menu in the Access column.


  7. Select Allow from the Access menu.


  8. Click OK.


  9. Run the Audio Tuning Wizard in GP4 to make sure you do not see any errors about blocking.

Please contact Norton/Symantec support for additional help in configuring their software by clicking here.
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